Sunday, January 16, 2011

Swiss Cyber Storm Cargame Challenge

Swiss Cyber Storm 3 is having a online January CarGame challenge. It is a Pen-testing wargame that you have to gain access into a vulnerable web application. Try to solve this challenge and win a new car.

Challenge Description
In Hacking-Lab, it provides a vulnerable web application - and somewhere on the web server you will be able to disclose a backend server DB connection properties file including hostname, IP, username and password. It is your goal to disclose this DB property file and then get a SQL connection to the database server. This DB server is vulnerable too! Please gain interactive access on the database server and proof your access by sending a screenshot of having access, some server info you gather with commands like "hostname" or similar.

Gain interactive access to the database server. Proof you are able to access the box.

You must be authenticated and registered for the January 2011 CarGame Challenge in Hacking-Lab to see the full details of this wargame!

More details -

Challenge Registration -

Intro video (on how to participate)

Official Swiss Cyber Storm 3 website

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