Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Hacker for Hire

Recently i receive an Marketing Email which sell hacking guides, tools, services and even hiring a hacker.

The hacking guide they are selling includes:
- Credit card hacking
- Bypass Virtual keyboard in Internet banking
- Exploit and malware development

They also selling tools like
- Polomorphic Crypter's (to bypass AV Scantime,runtime)
- Paid Botnets
- IRC Bots
- Exploit packs

Services such as
- VPN Encrypted Connection (Hide your real Ip Address)
- Fake Emailer or Email Bomber
- DDOS attacks

If you dont know anything about hacking, you can ever hire a hacker to do the job.

They even have a website that allow you to order their service online. Even hacker give discount.


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Anonymous said...

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