Friday, September 11, 2009

OpenMR: Open Mail Relay

I have recently written a simple tool that check for Open mail relay server. I used to wrote Object Oriented Programming using Java and C++ during my Uni days. But they were like almost 10 yrs ago. But i still work on Unix shell script and Windows script host in these few years, writing system maintanance (backup, health alerts, etc) and hardening script.

This is my first time writing a program in Perl. This tool will check if the mail server of a domain is configure as an open relay. It can also query the IP address of those servers.

Running OpenMR:
OpenMR with help

Running OpenMR with "info" option:
OpenMR with info option

OpenMR found open relay:
OpenMR found open relay

Feel free to download the tool and give comments by emailing to me.

Go to this link - to download the tool.

New Update - 14/09/09
Thanks for the feedback. I have improved and added the feature that uses IP address, instead of just domain.

* Version 0.2.0
- Add feature to check open relay using IP address

Running OpenMR version 0.2:
OpenMR version 0.2

Running OpenMR using IP address with "info" option:
OpenMR using IP with info option

Download version 0.2.0 -

Other Link:
- SecurityTube Tools - OpenMR


Beng Hacks said...

From ur "testing" got openrelay list to share anot? =)

octopus said...

is the source code available?
are you interested to a unix/mac port?