Sunday, September 13, 2009

Book review : CISSP All in One by Shon Harris VS Official ISC2 guide to the CISSP CBK edt by Harold F.Tipton & Kevin Henry

If you are studying for CISSP, I'm quite sure you will be reviewing which CISSP book is the best (since anyone of these books can costs a bomb). Happened that I used these 2 books for my study. So let do a review

Let first look at AIO by Shon Harris (4th ed). If you are very new to security, I would not recommend AIO. I remember the first time I started reading this book and it took merely 15 min for me to go to hibernation mode (Zzzz). This is especially for those domains which you are not familiar. However after taking an additional 6 month diploma course in IT security, things make more sense. This book has a lot of useful information on security (beyond the exam). It is a good security reference book. It is highly recommended for people will wants to know more. The CD provides a testing engine (Total Seminars' Test Software) which is quite useful to "simulate" how a CISSP professional would answer the questions. It does have the pdf version of the book, allowing you to read on the go.

For Official ISC2 guide to the CISSP CBK, I do find the writing style more easily understood and more interesting. This is highly due to each chapter is contributed by expert for that particular domain. Note the book credit on the authors are "edited by Harold F.Tipton & Kevin Henry" not just "by Harold F.Tipton & Kevin Henry". However, easily understood does not mean the book is sufficient for the exam. You still need to do "google research" (search your unknown in google search engine) to learn things; especially those out of your domains. This book is geared towards the exam objectives. The CD provides a demo version of transcender for CISSP. It contains about 50% of the question in the full version. It does NOT provide pdf version of the book.

In conclusion, if you have only enough cash to get 1 book then I would recommend AIO. If buying 2 books does not make any difference in your weekly allowance, why not purchase 2 books. They are really good.


commandrine said...

Shon Harris' book is THE book to prepare for the CISSP exam. However, there were 2 other books that I relied on. There is the prep guide co-authored by Ronald Krutz and Russell Dean Vines as well as Mike Meyer's "Certification Passport" book.

Tunasinger said...

Thanks for sharing. Anyone else using other book to prep for your CISSP?

Anonymous said... and TestKing have good examples for people to have a feel of the exam questions.

Due to the large questions base that ISC2 have, don't expect to see any in the actual exam.

w01f said...

Well done Tunasinger for passing CISSP. :)