Friday, January 18, 2008

Any new patches for your windows...

Friends and readers ever ask me why i did not feature the monthly Microsoft Security updates in my blog. Majority of the computer users are using Microsoft products and they should be informed on those updates.

But i think it will not be productive for me to highlight on their monthly security updates. Even my granny knows that the security updates will be on the second Tuesday of each month and there are also many websites and blogs that will be commenting on those security updates. Anyone that surf the web will definitely be informed on those updates.

But I think highlighting on microsoft "out of band" updates or Zero-day vulnerability advisory (like the one i wrote yesterday - "Vulnerability in Microsoft Excel") will be good as these are critical vulnerability that everyone needs to be informed. So you will be seeing more of these advisories in my blog.

If you need to check on the latest Microsoft security updates, you can go to this official link You can also sign up for the security update alerts via MSN messenger, E-mail, or mobile phone from the this link. Users using RSS reader can also get the latest updates from this RSS feed.

Wondering why the picture above shows a cute little penguin (Tux) sucking on his "drink"? Make a guess... or u can email me for the answer.

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