Saturday, January 19, 2008

Anti Spammer sued by "Spammer"

David Ritz, the veteran American spam-fighter, was sued by Sierra Corporate Design, a North Dakota business run by alleged former spammer Jerry Reynolds for hacking and trespass offenses.

The court has order Ritz to pay $53,000 in damages, a $10,000 fine for contempt against breaching an injunction and lawyers' fees, which could run into tens of thousands.

Can you believe it, Anti spammer like David was trying to stop spammer by getting domain information on the "possible" spamming systems. Publishing them for the anti-spam community, but was being punished. Further more, he only uses DNS host command and Whois command, which are commonly used by system administrators to troubleshoot problems, admin their systems, and track spammers.

Spammer "scores"..!! Spammer WON!! Hopefully there will be a "re-match" where David (with the help of "Spam-Fighters Legal Defense Fund") go for an appeal.

BTW, i don't like SPAM, i prefer fried China's luncheon meat. :P

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