Friday, January 4, 2008

Mobile Warrior Part 3 - Chain it up or Hide it out

In this part of the MW series, I tried to address two simple yet effective ways of lost prevention: Chain it up or Hide it out

Chain it up: - Like the picture shown, Laptop security cable can be purchased at any good IT shop and it is not too expensive to get. It comes with key/locks or numeric lock. It idea is to prevent an easy meal.

Hide it out: - Yes, you carried your bag around that is why you are mobile and like any bag containing valuable items, should you not hide it if you cannot keep an eye on it?

Keep it in the boot of the car instead of the car cabin and do it before moving out. Putting it at the destination and in the cabin is a sure fire way of shouting: "Free Laptop come and get it".

If not, just simply carry it around. Sound a lot of effort?

You wait until it gets stolen. With your car window smashed, laptop lost, angry customer shout and more other people get involved for the damage recovery, You wished that you had read this blog earlier.
I knew someone is wishing that he did, so it is not too late for you. Cheers.

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barcajax said...

Laptop locks deter most people. However, there are those desperate enough who will figure a way out.