Monday, December 31, 2007

Mobile Warrior- Part 2: Backup, Backup

In Part 1, we discussed about hard disk encryption for mobile warrior. It is true that hard disk encryption can be used for anyone that is using a computer as security is applicable to any system for a matter of speaking. This is what makes it so interesting.

Part 2 of the Mobile warrior, I would like to highlight the important of BACKUP. Yes, I capped it so that it captures your eyes. With your laptop now lost and the data in it safely out of the thief reach or a more commonly event: Your hard disk CRASHED. What you need to do is get back to business asap.

You will understand the pain of getting back if you had any of the two events happened to you. If not, one of the two will happen somewhere in your very-luck-so-far life.

FreeAgent from Seagate ( or similar will be handy. Get the biggest hard disk you can afford which allows you to not only backup your laptop but some of those in your home PC and the software that come with it should be FREE.

If you want to be super sure, try burning some of the critical files into DVD. Talking about high availability. Test it by recovering it to your home PC. With backup scheduled and tested, you can have a good peaceful sleep. Enjoy.

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