Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Can you extract message and photo from Whatsapp?

One day while messaging to my friend using Whatsapp, he ask me if the traffic is secure? I did a bit of read up and found out that Whatsapp message was actually not encrypted unlike iMessage.

So I decided to do a simple video to show how you can extract message and photo that were send via Whatsapp.

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almr7om said...

Can youbplease teach me how to do this? and is it only for people next to you or in any place?

Anonymous said...

which software are you running to intercept whatsapp massages on wifi network

ankit said...

this can works only when both are connected in same wifi correct

w01f said...

It dont need both phone to connect to the same wifi network. The sniffing is on the wifi network of the sending phone.

But this extraction dont work these days as whatsapp already enable encryption.