Sunday, October 23, 2011

My Million dollar ATM is ready for delivery??

I have just received an interesting Scam mail. Think it will be useful to share with all my readers.

The email claims to be from FedEx. They are ready to deliver "my" million dollar ATM card in GHANA.

-Below are the extract-

Dear Valued Customer.

The office of the FedEx Managements in the capital city of ACCRA GHANA do hereby wish to inform you that your ATM card package is ready for delivery.

The issuing bank of this ATM card has instructed us to inform you that your card has been credited with the total sum of US$4,750,000.00 (Four Million-Seven Hundred & Fifty Thousand Dollars) which is now accessible and you can make your withdrawal from any ATM machine worldwide.

This ATM card with the PIN code and other vital documents has peen packaged into an Envelop which has been assigned for immediately delivery but unfortunately, the issuing bank has cleared (PAID) the delivery fee, insurance fee, custom duty fee, delivery permit fee but they were not allowed to pay the security bonded keeping fee because we have not been told when you will be coming for your claim not until the bank instructed us to contact you and inform you of the security bonded keeping fee which is only the sum of US$98 dollars, this is the only fee that you has to pay.

We further request you to kindly clear security bonded keeping fee of US$98 Dollars to enable us effect the delivery of your ATM card to you as soon as possible. At the meantime, you have to get back to us with your address where your package would be delivered to you within the nest 48hrs.

Your complete Name:…………………………
Your Complete Address:………………………
Your Mobile Number:…………………………..

Upon your swift response, we shall instruct you on how you will make the payment to the security office before we would be allowed to move your package. Our delivery duration is only 48hrs starting from the time when your package was picked up and dispatched out from our office here in Ghana.

We anticipate your response.

Thank you.

Mr. Mac Moses
FedEx Delivery Officer
Tel: 233- 247630112

-End of email-

From the email header, you will able to see some useful information:
1> Source email address.
2> Source mail server
3> Source IP address connected to mail server
4> Reply to address

From the "1> Source email address", you know that the email is coming from "". is exactly a Canadian ISP, which uses Yahoo mail gateway (as shown below). So it has verified the "2> Source mail server" in the mail header.

From the "3> Source IP Address" (, it was from Ghana. So it is likely that the user "chinkyeyes" account was compromised by the scammer.

Scam mail tends to show tell-tale sign such as spelling error.

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