Friday, September 4, 2009

Emerging Internet Security Threats: Spring 2009

Saw this video by Lenny Zeltser, the instructor for my GIAC Reverse-Engineering Malware(GREM) certification. Most of the stuffs presented may not be new to you, but it provide as a reminder with real life examples on some of the "attacks".

This video explores today's emerging Internet security threats to help organizations fine-tune their defenses. He examines attack patterns that have included the use of email as a gateway for fraud, the mighty power of network bots, the fertile ecosystem for web-based attacks, and the increased precision of modern attacks. The presentation presents lots of real-world examples of cyber attacks, and discusses the financial incentives behind the malicious activities that occur on the Internet.

He also covers:
  • What is driving modern-day attackers to large-scale and targeted attacks
  • Which recent breaches exemplify threat categories organizations need to track
  • The approaches Internet criminals employ to trick victims and bypass defenses
  • Whether you should adjust security architecture to match today's threat landscape

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

About the speaker: Lenny Zeltser leads a security consulting team at Savvis. He is also a board of directors member at SANS Technology Institute, a SANS faculty member, and an incident handler at the SANS Internet Storm Center. Lenny frequently speaks on information security and related business topics at conferences and private events, writes articles, and has co-authored several books. Lenny is one of the few individuals in the world who has earned the highly regarded GIAC Security Expert (GSE) designation. He also holds the CISSP certification. Lenny has an MBA degree from MIT Sloan and a computer science degree from the University of Pennsylvania. For more information about his projects, see


Anonymous said...

Very good video for all IT professional, not just IT security folks.

Rohith J said...

I am a casual internet user and I am pretty much a noob when it comes to my knowledge of tech stuff and this was very informative, thanks...I am going to use it for my presentation on Internet Security!

w01f said...

I am happy to share good information to the community. Will try to post more informative stuff and share you guys.

Please give lenny some credits if you plan to use his material.