Thursday, August 20, 2009

More MSN Spam

MSN Spam messageI receive some new Spam again. It was nothing new, coz i have post on MSN Spam since May (MSN spam or malicious link??).

This time around, they "recommend" slimming product and the message as follows:
- "Woah those acai berry pills are no joke I just lost like 23 pounds in two weeks, I am living proof that they work with no special diet or nothing, they only cost me five dollars over at"

The website "" (shown below) is actually selling the diet pills. But don't be easily fool by the webpage, it may contains malicious links or capture user information such as credit card numbers.

w01f advise: If you notice, Spam messages always send when your friend's account is "offline". Be careful on message that were send when "offline", especially those that contains URL links. Make sure you check with your friend on the message/link before clicking it. It may contains malicious script for all you know.

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