Sunday, November 23, 2008

Slackware is it?

Heard from a friend recently about an incident that really make me wonder and decided to share. The story goes:

- An IT professional (likely to be an engineer) from a major System Integrator (SI) in Singapore ("Their job is SO Easy"), wanted to find out about the OS platform of a Appliance-based network device. So he contacted the project manager that is managing the device.

This engineer was informed that the Appliance is running on Slackware version x.x. But not knowing about Slackware and thinking that the project manager might have misunderstand his question, he requested the project manager to check on OS platform again.

That project manager repeat his answer and even provide the Slackware website for his reference. But he still stubbornly reject his answer.

As an IT professional, it is normal for someone not knowing everything in IT (especially knowledge on area out of your specialized domain). Many IT expert and Guru that i know, will not look down (or make fun) on you if you admit that you don't know on certain technology or knowledge. In fact, most of them will share their experience and knowledge if you are keen to learn.

With information easily available in the Internet, just by searching from Google or Wikipedia, you can basically find information of almost everything. There is not reason for anyone (especially IT professional) for not able to find out on certain knowledge.

This posting is to advise fellow readers that never too shameful to admit that you don't know certain knowledge. As long as you are keen to learn and make effort to read up. It will be really shameful if you try to "smoke" (bluff) your way and spotted by others.

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