Thursday, August 21, 2008

Portable WIFI jammer

Came across this interesting gadget. It is a portable Wifi / bluetooth jammer. It could be used to protect important working area and avoid leakage of sensitive data by blocking Wifi / bluetooth networks. It comes with a compact handheld design that enable you to easily hide it anywhere such as pocket or briefcase. It cost about USD$47.

This device seems to be a good "defensive" tools against data leakage over wireless network. But it could be a "double-edged sword". Anyone could used it to disrupt a company's wireless network. As it could be hide inside pocket, it became so easy to carried and deployed to any part of the office or building.

Below are some of the features and specifications:
- Frequency: 2.4GHz - 2.5GHz
- Coverage: 5-10 Meters Radius
- Build-in rechargeable backup battery.
- Could block all 2.4GHz wifi and bluetooth devices

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Updated on 27 May 2009
There have been many feedback asking whether it is possible to build a WIFI jammer using device (such as cordless phone) that transmit using frequency of 2.4GHz. I happens to have a AV transmitter that uses 2.4GHz and decided to do a simple video to see if it can jam a WIFI connection.

Actual post "Can you build a WIFI Jammer?" - 27 May 09

Disclaimer: I do not recommend nor endorse the above product, neither am i represent nor related (in anyway) with the company mention above.


Anonymous said...

Wondering how the device jammer the wireless signal? I think they might be just using high power signal at 2.4Ghz frequency band so other device will not be able to detect the wireless signal.

w01f said...

Very likely is using high power frequency to jam the signal. But there are other way to jam the wireless by continuity sending valid wifi packet in fast rate.

By sending fast rate means sending packets without following CSMA/CA protocol. so others got no chance to communicate with the wireless device.

Not sure which way they used, maybe someone could buy one and share with us their technique.

Anonymous said...

Nice story you got here. It would be great to read something more about that topic. The only thing your blog misses is a photo of some gadget.

Anonymous said...

Can you tell me what the model is on that AV Transmitter? I'm trying to test some wi-fi devices against interference, and it looks like that model might work to help me. I'd love to know who made it, or the specific model number.

Thank you! Great video!