Thursday, June 26, 2008

Malware at work !!

I have always interested in knowing how different malware (virus / trojan) infected the system. So i decided to setup a simple "research environment" to test on various malware collected.

The "research environment" consists of several versions of Windows on VM (virtual) image with some monitoring tools installed. This will be a simple setup to study and understand the behaviour and symptom of various type of malware. Don't expect to see any Reverse Engineering of the malware's code as i know nuts about reverse engineering (but i don't mind picking up if i have the "opportunity"). Just a novice trying to learn about malware.

-Updated on 20 Feb 09
I am currently picking up reverse engineering skills (with tools like IDA pro).

-Updated on 22 Mar 09
W01f Labs is officially open to share my malware analysis finding and other useful information with the community.

I like to thanks my friends for contributing sample malware for me to start with. Do feel free to submit any malware or suspected malware to me. I will share the findings if i manage to find anything interesting.

To submit malware sample,
1> Please password protect zip the file with the password "werew01f"
2> Email me at "hack.werew01f[at]gmail[dot]com" with the subject "Malware Sample"

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