Friday, February 1, 2008

How to get into IT security?

I was reading a very interest column "Skills for the Future by Don Parker,"

It reflected a lot of the security folks that I knew including myself on the road being a IT security professional.

There were not many formal courses, firewall then is still in its toolkit level. Checkpoint Firewall-1 was just starting out. Kiddies were not so simple.

Things had changed so much and entries are much easier but the fundamentals are still the same. It takes the same hard work and attitude to be good any fields, IT security or not.

Well, you can trying getting into IT security but you will need more than just some CCSA or CISSP to know your stuff. So start getting down your nose to the floor and understand those packets flying around.

Sorry, not the red packets for Chinese New Year. Cheers.

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