Monday, January 14, 2008

Battery not included ... but Malware is...

For past months, there are several reports of digital device containing malware. Those digital devices affected were digital photo frame, portable music player and portable storage.

According to Internet Storm Center, a network-threat monitoring group, some end-users reported that their digital photo frames contains malware that attempted to install malicious code into their systems

In October last year, password stealing malware was discovered in Seagate's hard disk. Those affected disk drives were infected and shipped from the china factory.

Reported last year, some Apple's Ipod were shipped with virus and several music title CD from Sony BMG comes with a draconian copy-protection system that qualified as malicious software.

So the next time you buy a digital device or even a present from Santa, remember to scan the device thoroughly with a renown and updated Anti-Virus. You never know what free "gift" it will comes with.

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