Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Banned "Hacking Tools" ....

Germany banned “hacking” tools such as Nmap and Wireshark last year, causing a lot of criticisms by Security industry and professional.
Following Germany, UK is amending their Computer Misuse act to ban the development, ownership and distribution of those tools. There are many criticisms on it as many system administrators and Security consultants are using those tools legitimately to probe vulnerabilities and troubleshoot problems on their corporate environments.

With this ban, I personally feel that legitmate users (i.e. IT professionals) will not be able to properly assess and secure their corporate environments without the help of those useful tools. Allowing the actual hackers to hack into systems more easily.

We will be seeing more countries to follow suit in the near future, especially Singapore who always follow behind the “big boys”. So you guys be careful on bring “hacking” softwares across borders especially entering Germany or UK.

BTW, How many "hacking tools" can you recognised from the picture above?

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