Sunday, July 29, 2007

Surfing ""

PlayBoy LogoHave you try surfing ""? You will likely to see the "nice" MDA (Media Development Authority) notification webpage telling you that the Website that you are accessing is restricted.

If your company uses Web/URL filtering, you are also likely to receive similar notification while surfing "illegal" website in your company network.

In order to continue surfing those website by bypassing the Web/URL filter or MDA notification, the answer is "Anonymous Web surfing" or "Anonymous Proxy". It will hide your actual IP and surf the internet using the proxy IP instead.

MDA notification
This Picture shows the MDA notification when you try surfing "illegal" website such as ""

Playboy via VTunnel
We uses as an example of a Anonymous proxy. we are able to surf the website without any problem.

DNSStuff shows SCV IP
While surfing the Internet, you will be using the IP from your local ISP. From, you are able to see that my IP is from SCV BroadBand, Singapore.

DNSStuff shows VTunnel IP
While using the Anonymous Proxy, you will see the IP from Chicago,USA. So your actual IP from Singapore was successfully hidden.

Before you start using the anonymous proxy, there are something that i need to highlight. Since your web traffic is sent via the proxy, your information such an username, password, credit card number and even your web surfing habits can be havested by the proxy owner. So be careful on the information that you are going to transmit when using the anonymous proxy.

Some free Anonymous Proxy:

- VTunnel

- Proxify

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